2X2 WRK BIKE + 3.1KW
2X2 WRK BIKE + 3.1KW
2X2 WRK BIKE + 3.1KW
2X2 WRK BIKE + 3.1KW
2X2 WRK BIKE + 3.1KW
2X2 WRK BIKE + 3.1KW
2X2 WRK BIKE + 3.1KW
2X2 WRK BIKE + 3.1KW
2X2 WRK BIKE + 3.1KW

2X2 WRK BIKE + 3.1KW

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2X2 Work Bike + 3.1kWh Power Supply

A solid mud-ready workhorse. Built purely for off-road riding. Perfect for farm use and off-road adventure.

  • 3100Wh power supply
  • 151.2lbs
  • 30mph top speed
  • Max range 65-78mi
  • Quick charge time – 6 hours.
  • Includes Fast Charger


    Power through any environment on your 2X2 with its awesome power to weight ratio. With a Flux2 high-torque motor in each wheel you’ll tackle variable terrain no trouble. Maintain control and traction with independent front and rear two-stage regenerative braking.


    These bikes are super easy to ride thanks to the lightweight and strong SuperX frame and overall low centre of gravity. Simpler than other motorbikes, there’s less to think about while riding. You can even customize your suspension to suit your riding and terrain. Functional but also fun.


    Attach and carry anything you need and go anywhere you want on your UBCO 2X2. Versatile, tough and reliable this is a bike that won’t let you down. You can even throw it on the back of your car or truck for easy transport.


    Weight excl. power supply

    50.7kg | 111.6lbs

    + 2.1kWh power supply

    63.7kg | 140.2lbs

    + 2.6kWh power supply

    66.7kg | 147.3lbs

    + 3.1kWh power supply

    68.7kg | 151.2lbs


    1,040mm | 41”

    Seat height

    815mm | 32”

    Width (handlebars)

    820mm | 32.3”


    1,820mm | 72”


    1215mm | 47.8”

    Max speed

    50km/h | 30mph (45km/h EU).

    High torque geared drivetrain.

    All wheel drive

    2 x 1kw Flux2 motors

    Brushless DC air cooled.

    High durability planetary geared system.

    Fully splined gear interfaces.

    Sealed bearings.

    Active heat management.

    Active venting for residual moisture.

    UBCO Quadratic2 brake system

    Hydraulic & regenerative brakes operate together.

    Active regenerative braking (brake activated) - Independent front and rear brake control.

    Passive regenerative braking (off throttle).

    DOT approved hydraulic brakes.

    203 x 2.3mm rotors.

    DOT approved Dash 3 brake lines.

    9ga stainless steel spokes.

    Tangential double-crossed lacing pattern.

    17×1.85” aluminum rims (DOT compliant).

    17×2.75” off-road knobbly tires.

    UBCO ATFZ 130mm front suspension

    Tapered chromoly steerer, chrome steel stanchions, alloy lower (corrosion resistant).

    Coil spring with hydraulic dampener.

    Preload & rebound adjustment.

    UBCO ATF 120mm rear suspension

    Coil over spring with hydraulic dampener.

    Preload & rebound adjustment.

    Fully electronic throttle control.

    Handlebar mounted momentary switch control for horn.

    Keyless fob operation utilizes code hopping technology, hard to clone or hotwire.

    Kill switch can be programmed for on/off.

    Steering lock.

    Battery lock to frame.

    Ability to track & trace with optional TCU.

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