CZEM : Drill One Reviews

Thanks Sheldon and Team, I am happy to report an excellent experience ALL around associated with this purchase. First, Sheldon and his team are awqesome and very responsive and vewry customer service driven. So happy with the service and responsiveness. Second, the quality and workmanship of this bike is EXCELLENT and worthy of an A+ grade. Well done! Third, I love my 26" front wheel. This think goes over curbs and obstacles 6-8" in height and no flinch. Fourth, I am not a BMX'er or dirt rider, I am a city rider driving thru neighborhoods, industrial parks, school playgrounds and football fields, and such and this thing is the best toy. I ride every evening for about 1-2 hours as a stress reliever from the day. My only gripe is the seat is not too comfy. I would engineer for less durability for dirt use and engineer a bit more comfort for urban use. Fifth, this is is an accelerator-On-demand-machine. Careful in red mode, this thing witll wheelie and cartwheel on demand. Make sure you ease into the modes: crawl-walk-run.

Jeff Mangano

Yes! Massive Stoke.

I don’t know what kind of money you guys got but 10K is a huge nut for me. To buy something off of the Internet that I have never seen or rode before is risky to say the least.  Today was my second day on the trails and you would not be able to wipe the smile off my face with a crowbar. Make no mistake this is not a mountain bike and it is not a motorcycle (although she behaves more like a Moto then a pedal). This is a new breed of mechanical beast and I like it. At just over 100 pounds it is plenty heavy duty enough to handle anything that I want to tackle. So fast, you better hold on or else it will throw you off.  What else can I say, it is not like the KTM E Moto. 100+ pounds less weight to throw around on the trail. If you need to go faster than 65 km/h, that’s about 40 mph, On single track and fire trail roads then maybe you’ll want to wait For faster bikes to be manufactured or get that KTM but for me, ex semi-pro mountain biker, this bike is plenty fast! Perfection trail riders and backcountry explorers.  Super fun.

Jack Druskovich


This is a great step up from the SurRon. The amount of power and delivery is fantastic and pairs great with the suspension. My boys and I primarily ride single track in the hills and occasionally set up a flat race track with cones. The Drill One performs great in both situations!

Jon Leach

The choice has been made.

I chose this bike over the KTM because of the weight. I made the right decision as this is the most bad ass machine I’ve ever owned. As an ex-mountain bike racer I never imagined how fun going up hill would be. Order one today you will not be disappointed.

Jack Druskovich

Drill One: Enduro

Received my Drill last week and after a few adjustments to the suspension this thing handles like a dream. I'm 6'3 so opted for some 3" rise bars which makes a huge difference when standing on the pegs. Sheldon at Triton went out of his way to help on the set-up and parts. Totally impressed with the fit and finish on the bike, the frame welds are perfect and all hardware/electronics are of excellent quality. The engineering, incredible power and attention to detail sets this bike above just about anything else on the planet.

Bottom line - Spend the $$$ on one of'll get what you pay for!

Michael Riggs

Really Happy With Drill One And Triton!

The Drill one is the ultimate ebike. I am really happy with overall quality and simplicity of the bike. 

The range is amazing. I use the bike for fun like exploring Philadelphia streets or trails of Fairmount park.

But also run every errand and show real estate on the bike. Very versatile and saving money on gas.

Actually makes getting around the city enjoyable compared to a car. Every trip is cut in half, so saving a ton of time.

The bike is super tough, but not that heavy, and can keep it inside my home. Cool factor is very high. I have the coolest ebike in the city and people always want to know what it is...if they can catch me. Triton is super helpful and responsive. I am really happy with their product and service.

Ian Creech

Got my Drill at the end of March 2021.  I've enjoyed it so far.  Awesome power and great suspension.  Definitely worth a look if you love electric motos.


Diggin the Drill One

I have plenty of dirtbikes (electric and gas). The electric aspect provides a completely different riding experience and the Drill One takes it up yet another notch. The bike is perfectly spec'ed as far as the components, suspension, etc. Just because it's quiet doesn't mean you aren't haulin'... you're going to appreciate having the kind of quality parts the Drill One is equipped with. And of course, the team at Triton has been an absolute pleasure to work with as they've gone above and beyond in all regards. Big thanks!

Gregg T.

E-Bike Customer Reviews

I bought this bike for my wife not knowing if the geometry was going to fit her. It is absolutely perfect. She had a hardtail ebike, so the suspension allows her to ride the rough terrain we have here in the Sierra mountains. The carbon fiber frame makes it light enough for the toughest single tracks. Match that with the Bafang  M600 motor and you have a bike for every terrain. This Fox edition Ares bike is a great bike for the price! Thank you, Triton!

Pete Gumina

Finally purchased my first eBike after months of debating. Sheldon at Triton was extremely knowledgeable and friendly. He patiently answered all my questions, let me test drive several models and even went with me on a little jaunt around the neighborhood for my first official ride as a new eBike owner. I would definitely recommend Triton to anyone looking to buy an electric bike and/or accessories.

Daniel Hernandez

We purchased our Triton eCycles about a year ago and are having a blast! We are big campers and outdoor enthusiast.  We have made it a goal to see as many National Parks as we can in our lifetime. Having these bikes (that are legal in the parks) has allowed us to experience and see so much more of them than we would be able to on foot.  We also live in the Zilker Park area of Austin, Texas so we can hit the trails or zip down to a festival, restaurant or bar with ease. My husband has bad knees from playing sports his whole life and has really missed mountain bike riding. This has allowed him to get back on it and hit the trails without knee pain. You still get a great workout with the ability to adjust the assist as needed and the shocks system is excellent. Sheldon, the owner has always been on top of any questions we've had or any upgrades we wanted to make. Plus he's local! If you've been on the fence about wether or not to buy, go ahead and get off because they're worth every penny!

Heather Bird

For years I have been unable to mountain bike due to knee pain. This bike has me on the trails again! The motorized assist takes the strain off my knees and now I get all the joy without two days of knee pain.... but what brought me to Triton was the look of these bikes. They look and ride like a traditional mountain bike. Prior to looking at Triton, the E-Bikes I had seen just looked like a bike with a big square battery slapped on it. Not the Hades… this bike looks amazing. I get lots of compliments while hitting the Austin trails. Customer service was also amazing. I really appreciate all the help Sheldon provided in finding the right bikes for my wife and I. Very happy!

Keith Bird

I got the Ares bike about a month ago and have had a great time riding it and am happy with the quality.  I wanted a full suspension electric mountain bike and looked all around at the local shops here in Santa Cruz but they were all too expensive and so I looked online and found the same problem.  Then I found the Triton Ares bike which had all the features I wanted but was affordable so I ordered it.  I had to wait a few months to get it which was hard but once I got it and rode it I was very happy.  It makes me feel like I am a super athlete able to easily ride up mountains and quickly ride on roads to get to the trails.  It makes bike riding a much more enjoyable experience.  It also looks great and has quality parts.  It handles trails really well.  I look forward to many years of fun with this bike.  Sheldon the owner of the company was very helpful answering all of my questions and helping me set up the bike.  I highly recommend this bike and this company.

Michael Santa Cruz

The Ares is the end result of a two year search to find the perfect emtb.  I first have to give a shout out to Sheldon. This was hands down the best customer service I think I have ever had for buying anything! I had tons of questions., and he answered them personally over the phone and with several texts, and left nothing unanswered.  Now for the bike-

     The Ares is absolutely amazing.  I fed it rock gardens, mud, stream crossings, insane uphill and downhills that I never would have been able to do on my old bike. It is crazy fast, and it will be the bike pushing your limits, not the other way around.  It is a ton of bike for the money, and surely doesn't disappoint.  For all the naysayers that say that an emtb is cheating, I say shame on you, for you are the cheaters for cheating yourselves out of one of the best times you can have with your clothes on! I'm like ten times more likely to grab my Ares than I am my old bike. I can't wipe the smile off my face for hours after a ride, and it provides me with some of the best cardio I've had in years, (and I'm a firefighter). This is one of best investments I've ever made. Do it. Buy one. Ride it like you stole it and you'll throw out your antidepressants!

Brian Jonason

This bike is pretty cool. Uniquely different from a lot of the other brands yet, still just as competitive. This thing is fast too. You get the benefit of a pedal assist with paired with a throttle for when the trails open up and you can hammer down. Definitely happy I purchased the bike. It is on the heavier side, but the harder you push the bike the more planted it feels. Plan on changing your bar set up, but other than that it is pretty dialed in already.

Mason Ottersberg

As a mom to a five year old, I’ve found this bike is perfect for keeping up with her, as well as solo trail! We live in the the city and this helps me get around so much easier than a car. It’s super light compared to other e bikes.  The assist is amazing, it really makes me look and feel like I’m handling the hills a lot better too! It’s been a huge confidence builder to get back out and exercise!

Kathryn Carr