Just about everyone I know had at least one bike as a kid. We rode as fast as we could, jumped curbs, built janky ramps and homemade dirt trails, doing everything to be outside on our bikes. I used to love biking so much, that less than a week went by without hitting the trails around Austin, TX.

Austin is not your typical ‘Texas’ city. The 'Keep Austin Weird' culture has influences from all over the world, but it definitely has its own style. From Thursday Night Social rides, to shredding trails at one of twenty-seven mountain bike parks; biking is at the center of outdoor fun and a part of the Austin lifestyle.

Road & Gravel Electric Bikes - Triton Electric Bikes

When I tried my first electric bike I loved the “idea"… it helped with the steep hills and made it possible to ride farther than ever before. So I went shopping for my first E-MTB, but most of the brand name electric mountain bikes I found cost between $6,000 - $14,000 or more.

I wanted a stylish electric bike with a hidden battery that could go 40-60 miles on a single charge and cost less than $6,000. An e-bike that allowed anyone to get out and enjoy the outdoor lifestyle regardless of physical fitness levels. A bike that virtually anybody at any age could ride with ease. It needed the capabilities of a regular bicycle combined with the power of an athlete. And, it needed to look good and feel good.

So…we started “TRITON”. All we had for funding was a cashed in 401K, a pocket full of credit cards and a shit-ton of hard work ahead of us.

TRITON has become our life now. It's our baby! We’ve been lucky enough to be surrounded with great people and employees who share our passion for electric bikes, and because of that we’ve become a national brand guided by our mission: “Which is making you feel like a kid again, with your first e-bike purchase.”

Sheldon McCarthy
CEO and Founder

2021 Best Electric Bikes for city


Loving the Elife!

We purchased our Triton eCycles about a year ago and are having a blast! We are big campers and outdoor enthusiast.

2021 Best Electric Bikes for city
Heather B. (Austin, US)

I'm riding again!

For years I haven't been unable to mountain bike due to knee pain. This bike has me on the trails again! The motorized assist takes the strain off my knees.

Keith B. (Austin, US)