Electric Bikes for every Rider


Keep up with the pack, fit in those extra miles, and never get left in the dust. E-road bikes have a similar build and feel to standard road bikes, but offer a lot more power when you need it. 

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Switch on trail mode and discover more of the mountain than ever. Get a boost to conquer steep ascents and see how fun it is to skip the shuttle. 


Electric Dirt Bikes

The Drill One is an electric dirt bike that utilizes electric motorcycle and mountain bike components that result in an amazingly powerful and lightweight machine.

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Choose Triton Electric Bikes

Choose Triton Electric Bikes

Choosing to invest in an electric bike is a decision that will have a positive impact on your life, so it's crucial to opt for one that's durable, functional, and feels amazing to ride. Our mission is to sell the highest quality e-bikes at a reasonable cost to you.

Triton Electric Bike in south California dessert

Get back in shape

Why haven’t you been riding your bike? Is it just not fun anymore? E-bikes provide a powerful boost that helps you get exercise, enjoy the outdoors, and feel like a kid going fast again!

Triton Electric Mountain Bike riding up a hill

Fly up the steep hills

Whether you’re riding on pavement or dirt, the extra power from your mid-drive system helps you make short work of any hill climb, leaving you more energy to ride to the top again.

Triton Electric Mountain Bike in south California dessert


Take the long road home or explore new trails you’ve never ridden on before. Electric bikes amplify your ability to go farther and faster.

Triton Electric Mountain Bike featuring mid-drive motors

Best-in-class mid-drive systems

We use best-in-class mid-drive electric motor systems for all of our e-bikes. Mid-drive motors are lighter, more efficient and pack more hill climbing power than electric hub motors.