Electric bikes are sold in three different classes. The three different electric bike classes are defined by the state of California and Texas based on their rated speed and the type of assist mechanism they use.

Don’t want anything too complicated?

Our Class 1 electric bikes work similarly to traditional bikes. These electric bikes have a top speed of just 18~20 mph and provide assistance only when the rider is pedaling the bike. These bikes are simple to use and have relatively low speed, so consider buying one to replace your old bike.

Not a fan of pedaling?

Class 2 electric bikes have pedal-assist and a thumb throttle similar to the JUMP rental bikes you find in most metro-cities. These throttle-assisted bikes are a great choice for people who would prefer not having to pedal all the time. Class 2 bikes also have a top speed of 18~20 mph making them great for everyday riders.

Do you want to go fast on and off road?

Class 3 electric bikes can reach speed of 28 mph while the rider is pedaling. When you’re using these e-bikes off-road, you’ll be blazing up any bike path or game trail you can find. Due to the higher max speed, there are some additional regulations. These vary by state, so check the rules where you plan on riding. You must be 15 or older to operate a Class 3 electric bike. 

Do you feel the need for more speed?

We also have electric dirt bikes that have even higher rated speeds for riders looking to rip through the trails. The powerful DRILL One electric dirt bike is one of the fastest models that we have and a great choice for any thrill-seeker.

These electric bikes will be a big hit for years to come, reserve your first Triton Electronic Bike today!



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18 products