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Whether you’re looking for the CZEM Drill One Electric Dirt Bike or a full suspension electric mountain bike, Triton Electric Bikes has an e-bike to replace your current ride. Here at Triton, all of our electric bikes are built with powerful mid-drive systems and high-end bike components, making our bikes comparable to Trek and Specialized brands while also being more affordable.  

Choosing Your Electric Bike

We believe that electric bikes are for everyone, and we’d love to help you find the e-bike that’s right for you. Some e-bikes are built for speed and comfort on the roads or trails, while others are designed for rugged performance off-road.

Looking to ride around the city on pavement?

Are you a city-dweller looking for an e-bike to get you to the office without breaking a sweat, replace your car on grocery runs, or help you get to class on time? If that sounds like you, head over and check out our Electric Road and Gravel Bikes

Going for a cross country ride?

Want the best of both worlds? A Hybrid Electric Mountain Bike fits the bill. With multiple levels of pedal assist, Hybrids are tough enough to take on the trail, but have the versatility to adapt to city streets. 

Are you a downhill cycle enthusiast seeking a thrilling adventure?

If heading into the wild and tackling the mountain is more your style, one of our Full Suspension Electric Mountain Bikes is a better fit for you. They’re designed to take whatever the trail can dish out, with sturdy frames and mid-drive motors to power your climb. 


17 products

17 products