Attention DRILL ONE Owners,


On 7/17/21, the manufacturer for the Drill One (CZEM) notified TRITON of a concern raised by HAYES, the manufacturer of the hydraulic disk brakes used on all 2020 and 2021 Drill One models. Triton Electric Bikes responded by immediately emailing, calling, and even texting each customer to notify you of the concerns and risks of continuing to operate the Drill One under these conditions. This notification serves as our formal PUBLIC NOTICE to our customers regarding rider safety while using the Drill One.


Hayes Bicycle Group products are engineered specifically for mountain bicycle applications only. All components are certified via testing to ISO/FDIS 4210 Parts 1 through 9. Components expressly identified as suitable for E-bike applications are intended for bicycles of up to 250 watt max power and 25 km/h max assist.


We believe that rider safety is paramount. To demonstrate our commitment to your safety, TRITON is offering to help mitigate the concerns raised by HAYES by offering each customer the following options. These options come at the sole expense of TRITON ELECTRIC BIKES and are not being offered directly by the Drill One manufacturer CZEM.

OPTION 1 – TRITON will offer to purchase the Drill One back from you at 85% of your original purchase price (not including shipping). Once we receive the bike to Texas your refund will be processed to your original payment method. Requests for refund must be received no later than 9/30/21.

OPTION 2 – TRITON will offer a one-time $300 rebate to any customer choosing to keep the 2020 Drill One. To receive the $300 rebate, the customer must remove and return the Hayes brake sets (‘front and rear’) and provide proof of purchase for a new brake set of the customers choosing. You will also be required to sign a release of liability to indemnify (‘hold harmless’) TRITON and CZEM of any responsibility resulting from changes to the brakes on the Drill One electric motorcycle.

OPTION 3 – DO NOTHING, anyone that chooses to disregard this notification is in fact acknowledging that they accept all risks for continuing to operate the Drill One Electric Motorcycle under current conditions.

HAYES, CZEM and/or TRITON will not be held responsible for any personal injury or death incurred because you choose to continue use of the HAYES product as described and installed on the Drill One electric motorcycle.




Sheldon McCarthy


Triton Electric Bikes

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